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In addition to our range of new instruments, we offer our customers a comprehensive repair service. We overhaul all metalwind instruments from the Hoch B trumpet to the Helikon. We only use original parts or reproduce them to preserve the sound quality and character of your instrument.

We also devote great attention to woodwind instruments. From the adjustment of the mechanics to the general overhaul.

Everything in your own workshop.

General overhaul

  • Disassemble and remove varnish
  • Desoldering and replacement of all corroded parts
  • Bulging and rubbing out of the entire instrument
  • Sanding, polishing and soldering together
  • High-gloss polishing
  • varnishing or electroplating
  • Mount and adjust

Technical overhaul

  • Disassemble the instrument
  • Cleaning in special bath and ultrasound
  • Precise grinding and retraction of the valves
  • Elimination of play of all moving parts
  • Replace corks, silicones and springs
  • Mount and adjust

Tuning, special Design

  • Sound analysis and tune corrections
  • Creating triggers
  • Modification of instruments for people with physical handicaps (left-handed, adjust key unit, etc.)
  • Sound optimization through different sounds, mouth tubes and vocal folds
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