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Bb-German flugelhorn G1

The first thing you will notice while trying one of our concert flugelhorns is their unparalleled precision of intonation across all registers we have achieved during a long development process through refinements in shape and choice of leadpipe. But G1 also shines when it comes to tone and response. Thanks to the fact that all parts of the corpus are hand-crafted in thin gold brass and the use of a nickel silver rim we have achieved a particularly easy response from pianissimo to fortissimo and a refined balance of brightness and warmth in tone. Of course, the third slide comes standard with a trigger.

Technicals specifications

Bore: 11 mm / 0.43″

Bell diameter: 160 mm 6.30″

Materials: slides in nickel silver, bell, corpus and slide bows in gold brass

Valves: Meinlschmidt rotary valves with bronze caps and lubricating grooves

Options: Changing system for bell, heavy caps, additional lead pipes, double trigger 1st and 3rd slide


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