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C-Bass trumpet

Richard Wagner would have been delighted with our new bass trumpet’s tone! Both powerful and very soft, from piano up to fortissimo. But not only is its tone enchanting, its shape, its handling and most of all its intonation set new standards. Same as all of our instruments, the bass trumpet is entirely handcrafted. The hand-hammered bell and the tubings which are manually bent and meticulously calibrated guarantee ease of response and long life.

Our C-Bass trumpet was awarded with “Deutscher Musikinstrumentenpreis 2011”

Technical specifications

Bore: 11,9 mm /0.47″

Bell diameter: 180 mm / 7.09″

Materials: slides in nickel silver, slide bows in gold brass, bell and corpus in yellow brass

Valves: Meinlschmidt rotary valves with bronze caps and lubricating grooves

Options: corpus and bell in gold brass, heavy caps, 1st or 3rd slide trigger, pitchfinder, Bb-slides

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