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Bb-Concert trumpet

With our Bb-Concert trumpet, we aim to provide a trumpet for the most diverse applications. From symphony orchestras and wind orchestras to brass bands and brass choirs – due to its versatility and the great variety of options available, it’s always a great choice. We manufacture the base model as a traditional Heckel-style trumpet for a more centered and brighter tone. However, it’s also available as a Cologne Model featuring a bore of 11.2mm and a wider bell with a faster taper for a darker, richer symphonic sound. Our concert trumpet comes standard with a trigger for the third slide to make the excellent intonation win through even with tricky valve combinations.

Technical specifications

Bore: 11 mm / 0.43″

Bell diameter: 135 mm / 5.31″

Materials: slides in nickel silver, bell and slide bows in gold brass

Valves: Meinlschmidt rotary valve with bronze cap and lubricating grooves

Options: Cologne Model, nickel silver rim, changing system for bell, heavy caps, Viennese keys, additional lead pipes, double trigger 1st and 3rd slide

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