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Bb-Jazz trumpet Cobra

Cobra, our top-of-the-line jazz trumpet, makes a great impression with our use of the finest materials and consistently perfect build quality. Its phosphor bronze bell and copper leadpipe not only give Cobra a premium look but also unparalleled sound. Its power and solid center leave nothing to be desired, all the while avoiding a clinical or strident sound. Instead, Cobra combines a radiant character with a powerful base tone creating the kind of warmth expected from a trumpet with unforgettable sound. With the carefully chosen shape and patented MAW-valves, Cobra accomplishes all that without ending up with a labored response. Quite the contrary, it feels almost light and nimble.

Technische Daten

Bore: ML 11,7mm / 0.46″

Bell diameter: 125 mm / 4.92″

Materials: lead pipe in copper, outer slides in nickel silver, bell in phosphor bronze, slide bows in gold brass

Valves: Meinlschmidt MAW-valves

Options: double lead pipe, changing system for bell, T-shaped changing system for leadpipe and bell, heavy caps 

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