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Bb/F-Tenor trombone J4

Our big tenor trombone J4 is valued most by musicians playing in symphony orchestras, but is also appreciated in ensemble contexts. Its precise intonation across all registers and balanced response at any volume give the instrument a very pleasant feel, an impression only increased by its excellent ergonomics. This is achieved by meticulous craftsmanship by hand and the fact that the tuning slide as well as the neckpipe are made from one piece. The tone is large and strong in any variation of the J4. The available options for the materials used in the bell and outer slide cater to different tastes and produce a radiant and bright or warm and dark tone or any nuance in between.

Technical specifications

Bore: 13,9 mm / 0.55″

Bell: hand-hammered one-piece yellow brass bell with a diameter of 220mm / 8.66”

Slide: chrome-plated nickel silver inner slides; yellow brass or, alternatively, nickel silver outer slides

Valve: Meinlschmidt rotary valve with bronze cap, lubricating grooves and optimized bore

Options: gold brass bell, bronze bell, dual bore slide, heavy cap, without valve, exchangeable lead pipe, long water key, thumb rest, without valve, “Open Flow”-valve, “Radial Flow”-valve, Thayer-valve

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