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Eb/Bb-Alto trombone J1

The J1 alto trombone is an indispensable companion for any solo trombonist. Its precision of intonation and especially its unparalleled responsiveness at the high register come in handy in demanding solo performances. J1’s tone is bright, as is required from an alto trombone, but it’s capable of warm nuances and has considerable richness and power of tone as well. By using a slide-tuning mechanism, we have been able to completely eliminate certain corpus imperfections that lead to adverse effects on intonation.

Technical specifications

Bore: dual bore 12.4mm/12.7mm / 0.49”/0.5”

Bell: hand-hammered one-piece yellow brass bell with a diameter of 180mm / 7.09”

Slide: chrome-plated nickel silver inner slides; yellow brass or, alternatively, nickel silver outer slides

Valve: Meinlschmidt rotary valve with bronze cap, lubricating grooves and optimized bore

Options: gold brass bell, bronze bell, heavy cap, without valve, exchangeable lead pipe, long water key

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