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Bb-Jazz trombone J2plus

J2plus is J2’s big brother. It’s right at home with big band, funk and soul, and fittingly its tone is strong and robust. Its bell and tuning bow are slightly broader than J2’s, resulting in a warmer and more voluminous tone. The balanced intonation and ready response afford the trombonist great freedom of expression. Thanks to the new balancer design, the trombone has a great and balanced feel to it. The tuning slide and neckpipe are each crafted from a single piece of material, which optimizes airflow and consequently the instrument’s responsiveness.

Technical specifications

Bore: 12,7 mm /0.50″

Bell: hand-hammered one-piece gold brass bell with a diameter of 205mm / 8.07”

Slide: chrome-plated nickel silver inner slides; yellow brass or, alternatively, nickel silver outer slides

Options: gold brass bell, bronze bell, long water key, exchangeable lead pipes, changing system for bell, thumb rest

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