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Bb/F-Tenor trombone J3

J3 is the all-round instrument in our line of tenor trombones. Whether it’s ensemble music, classical music or particularly modern styles, this instrument gets you ahead in practically any genre. Strong and centered from piano to fortissimo, its tone is very lively and doesn’t swerve even at extreme volumes. The response is balanced with just the right measure of resistance. Like on all our tenor and bass trombones, J3’s tuning slide and neckpipe are crafted from one piece. The valve channel with little obstruction and the curved valve loops optimize airflow and improve responsiveness.

Technical specifications

Bore: 13,4 mm / 0.53″

Bell: hand-hammered one-piece yellow brass bell with a diameter of 205mm / 8.07”

Slide: chrome-plated nickel silver inner slides; yellow brass or, alternatively, nickel silver outer slides

Ventil: Meinlschmidt rotary valve with bronze cap, lubricating grooves and optimized bore

Options: gold brass bell, bronze bell, heavy cap, without valve, exchangeable lead pipe, long water key, thumb rest, without valve, “Open Flow”-valve, “Radial Flow”-valve, Thayer-valve

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